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Denture Repair in Hervey Bay

Hear from professionals: Why you shouldn’t fix your dentures at home!

Many people all around the world have tried to fix dentures at home for all kinds of reasons – only to end up in a worse situation than they started with. Here’s why home denture repair is something you should never attempt and what you should do instead.

Why you shouldn’t fix your dentures at home?

1. Incorrect repairs put you at risk of bacteria growth and infections

As well as the risk of making your dentures less comfortable to wear, DIY home denture repair without the supervision of a dental professional can put you at serious risk of infection and health issues. Unsealed, or incorrectly sealed cracks or chips in dentures can become a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

2. Superglue and store-bought adhesives are toxic

You can always be assured that materials used by dentists and health professionals are medical-grade and safe for use in sensitive areas such as your mouth. This is not the case when you are buying your own glue and materials from a store to fix your own broken dentures, or if you’re getting help from someone who is not qualified. 

It goes without saying that ingredients used in superglue are not safe to ingest and a lot of your adhesive options available from supermarkets or stores contain harmful ingredients that can poison you or cause illness. 

3. Pain, discomfort and increased expenses!

And finally, the biggest reason to avoid home denture repair, is that it usually leads to more problems. In terms of comfort, leaving a sharp edge or chip in your dentures can be uncomfortable and possibly cause injury if it scratches or pressures your gums. Bacterial infections and toxic poisoning as mentioned above requires urgent medical attention and in the worst cases, can be fatal. All of these issues will leave you spending more time and more money at your dentist, DIY is never worth the risk.

How to repair dentures safely

No matter how small the issue with your dentures might be, the only way to safely repair them is to see your dentist. Do not overlook or put off giving your dentist a call if the issue seems minor, as it can worsen over time and cause serious, costly damage.

Emergency denture repair in Hervey Bay: What you should do

Contact your dentist in Hervey Bay and explain your emergency situation to reception, they will be able to determine your best course of action and book you an urgent appointment if needed.

If you’re in Hervey Bay and require denture repair, contact the friendly team on (07) 412 55099  at Hervey Bay Dental today.