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professional teeth whitening hervey bay

Start the New Year with Whiter Brighter Teeth

Proudly show your smile wherever you are in 2022. Many of us greatly suffered from the harsh lockdowns of 2021. We missed our families, community gatherings, pubs, and many more. Fortunately, we don’t have to live such ways anymore (we hope). But months spent in confinement, you find yourself not having the social swagger as before.

There are many methods to radiate confidence and be comfortable in all social situations but as Hervey Bay dentists, we can only give you one solution.

Have you thought about improving your smile?

For decades we have seen what power a good smile can do. From radiating positivity to creating great first impressions, the way you smile can change how people react to you. And why not make that reaction something both parties enjoy? There are many treatments to achieve a powerful smile, but none are as quick and effective as teeth whitening.

The cost of teeth whitening is affordable in comparison. Be in and out under 90 minutes as you leave the clinic barely able to hide your newfound smile. Get a fresh clean and check-up in the process so you cross out one of the two recommended dental check-ups for the year. 

If this interests you, call us on (07) 4125 5099 or book an appointment with teeth whitening dentists at Hervey Bay.